Looking towards the future

The Solar Future Forum NYC will feature speakers from Canadian Solar Inc. and leading investment and analyst firms discussing market trends and opportunities, upcoming projects in development, and our latest technological innovations that enable solar power to be more cost-effective and reliable than ever before.

I was given the opportunity to brand the entire event, and all of the branding assets for use globally. The event iconography had to maintain a modern, and sleek aesthetic, while sticking with Canadian Solar’s brand guideline.

The branding also had to have the ability to adapt to every region globally, with the main section staying consistent and having the sub heading reflect the city the event is held in.


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Project Outcome

Big Apple

New York, was an amazing city. It was such a great event, full of high end moments, and great memories. Everyday was electric, and walking from the hotel to Rockefeller was surreal. I mean it was literally streets you see in movies and tv shows (they were filming a show one night on my way to get dinner) it was all definitely something to remember. Also I was really surprised at how the subway was, it was actually pretty nice.

Tall Heights

The event was held at Convene in 75 Rockefeller Plaza, if that doesn’t say fancy then I don’t know what does. I mean we really made the event feel high end, from celebrity speakers, top solar industry leaders, even a live jazz band. That along side the modern, sleek branding, really brought everything together in the end.
So much fun in the city that never sleeps, and I learned that the hard way, from staying up until 3am editing presentations, to finalizing graphics. All in all a great effort and a great event.