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During my second year working at Canadian Solar (CS), I was given the opportunity to create an internal event, that would tie together, all of CS regions globally, in celebration of it’s 18th birthday.

I was really eager to brand the event, and to create the marketing assets we would need for promoting such a global event, little did I know this event would also push my creative thinking and process to the max.

I was fortunate enough to work hand in hand with mosaic artist, Jeremy Joaquin Capdevielle Founder, CEO & Creative Director of Mosaicli.

Jeremy and I formulated the plan, and vision with the entirety of the project, we were in sync. The initial idea came to me as a mosaic that would mimmic a solar panel, and having the individual modules representing each region globally, and having the smaller pieces that put it together represent an employee.

Ultimately when the modular pieces were complete and put together, it would show a complete singular solar panel. The idea was simple, but the execution had to be accurate, being that it was global, our local regions really needed to work together.

Once the idea was formulated, we made some sketches and brainstormed on how the final mosaic pieces could possibly look like, and the rest of the magic was all done by Jeremy, from the fabrication, laser cut pieces, and the finishes. We were ready to ship all the pieces and supplies to host all the regional events. You can take a look at the highlight below.


  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Day Of Event Presentation Editor
  • Lead Art Direction For Global Day Event
  • Event Photography / Videography

The Results

The event was a success! Everyone had fun painting their own pieces and all the unique colors and perspective really came together nicely.

Making The Difference Together

This was probably one of the most rewarding events we’ve done that year, it was just great to come together, and effectively deliver on our vision. Super proud of this event, and just enjoyed working along side a lot of great people, who ultimately wanted to bring all the employees globally together.

It was a lot of work, but in the end the mosaic turned out great. It was interesting to see all the different colors and approach, each region took for their modular piece. The crazy thing is we still talk about this day, and how it was truly one of those experiences that we will always remember.