Work, work, work, WORK , WORK.

Honestly, I’ve always heard that joining the solar industry is like a roller coaster, hence the term “Solar Coaster” and this event was clearly the definition.

This event was one of the biggest trade shows for the solar industry, so it was important to show up and show out. I was tasked to create the graphics for the Booth, along side our Hockey themed approached, because why not. We had details across the board, from Jerseys with last names, a miniature ice rink with matching branded hockey pucks, a backsplash hockey player taking a slapshot, and lifesize hockey cutouts of our general managers perfect for photo ops.

During the show, I was also conducting interviews, recording and editing on the fly, posting day of event highlights the same day. I was really pushing through, recording, editing audio and clips in the storage room. I think the jersey really made the competitor in me come out, I was running around everywhere, I wasn’t going to lose, hehe.

You can view images of the event, and highlight videos below.


  • Marketing Assets
  • Product Displays
  • Product Datasheets
  • Social Media
  • Booth Design
  • Photography & Videography
  • Video Editing
  • Jersey Design
  • Merch/Giveaways

Project Outcome

Got The W!

After the week, my feet was aching, and yes we were all low on energy, but we were victorious! The event went well, and all the hard work and time spent was all worth it.

Definitely one of the highlights of my early start at CS, it was also an eye opener into the world of solar.

You Learn Something Everyday

This event was definitely a learning moment, I learned that I am capable of bringing high quality content under pressure. Also that trusting in the process, and learning from my team is the best way to really be part of the moment.

Again definitely one of the highlights of my career.