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If you’re here I assume that someone told you that your design is a bit dated, that or your just curious at what I’m about to say. Well either way welcome, and I’m glad you’re here because I am about to unleash some epic info on your noggin.

When I’m looking for some creative juices, and searching thru the web, I constantly find myself at certain sites to get some design goodies to refresh my creative flow. Below is a list of sites that I frequent and soon you will too. (Disclaimer: Some sites have nothing to do with design…Wait WHATTTT!!!)

  1. Designinspiration: Why, well it’s on the sites title. It is a place to get design inspiration, and boy it surely does! You’ll never get enough of this site, since I mean it has infinite scroll, like those lovely pinboards we’re all in love with, but besides that the content they have there are curated by designers and artists alike. It’s literally a hotpot of design, art, and photography. (This will be part of your bookmarks.)
  2. BrandNew: Underconsideration’s site, has a segment called BrandNew, and it is a place that showcases rebrands, albeit good or bad, they still show it, and the public can vote on it. Any way, it is a great place to get some quick rebrand ideas and creations from the worlds top creative firms, and as an added bonus you can even learn a thing or two about a company.
  3. Behance: My third pick is Behance, if you’re a creative and currently not on Behance, JOIN! JOIN NOW! I recently joined just to be fair, but again this place is a melting pot of great art, and design, all in all creative goodness! So don’t hesitate anymore and join, and befriend artists around the world! (Add me to your follow list!)
  4. TheDieline: This site is all about packaging design. What more can you ask for. It’s an awesome site to see current trends on packaging, which is in it’s own, a design area that most graphic designer will encounter. For awesome packaging design and ideas head on over to TheDieline, and take it all in.
  5. Theawesomer: OK so I know what your thinking, why would TheAwesomer be on this list? Well to be honest, as a designer, looking constantly at a screen, you can’t help but need to look at new interesting things once in awhile, and this site has it all.Welps I hope this helped you guys and gals out. My last tip is for you to continue to push design, and creativity! Also if your still looking for a new design trend, just watch old 90’s television shows, at least that’s what Hollywood is doing nowadays.

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September 27, 2017

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